How it Works

So, you are asking yourself. Just how does this all work? It’s actually quite simple. The first and only thing I ask of my guests is to COME HUNGRY! I typically arrive a few hours early and begin the food preparation in the host kitchen. I like to prepare as much of the food on-site to ensure everything is as fresh as possible. This also fills the house with all kinds of wonderful aromas, and for the foodies out there, they get to observe me while I work my culinary magic. I am asked frequently, How in the world did you prepare all this food in such a short period of time?!

I tend to serve my meals family-style on an assortment of platters and casserole dishes, usually whatever the guest’s house has on hand. If required, and you have checked into your rental home and you find it lacking in proper serving dishes, I can certainly bring my own! Just let me know.

Once the food is out and everyone starts to dig in, I begin cleaning. Once everyone is done, I properly wrap and store all leftover food. I leave the kitchen sparkling clean with all equipment off and everything stored away. I even take out the trash! A word on allergies. I will ask the customer/guest if they are aware of any allergies within their group. Even if there are no known allergies, I always practice proper food handling techniques and practices to minimize cross-contamination and time-temperature abuse.